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John Kasich

Posted by Stan Collender

It was 1994 and Rep. John Kasich (R-OH), the soon-to-be-named chairman of the House Budget Committee for the just-elected GOP majority, was telling anyone and everyone who would invite him to speak that he didn't care if President Clinton submitted a budget for the coming year because House Republicans were going to ignore it. Kasich didn't use the standard "dead-on-arrival" line, he simply said that nothing Clinton proposed would be of interest because it would be "irrelevant."

Fast forward almost 20 years. The Obama fiscal 2014 budget proposal, which technically was required to be sent to Congress by February 4, now is not expected to be released until late March or even early April. That will make it irrelevant to the House and Senate Budget Committees, which are set to markup their respective versions of the fiscal 2014 budget next week, that is, two weeks or more before the White House's proposal will be available. The president's plan also won't be released before the full House and Senate are expected to debate and vote on what the budget committees produce.

Posted by Stan Collender

Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich, who at one time was chairman of the House Budget Committee in Washington and a young GOP gun long before House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) or current budget committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) were old enough to vote, yesterday changed his mind and decided that federal disaster assistance for those in his state hit by the recent tornadoes wasn't such a bad idea after all.

As I posted yesterday, Kasich's initial decision was to say hell no (Anyone who knows Kasich knows that could easily have been a direct quote).

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