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Fiscal Fitness

Posted by Stan Collender

My "Fiscal Fitness" column from this morning's Roll Call explains how the fiscal cliff might be reported by Variety if it were an entertainment story. Then again, so far, hasn't it been mostly entertainment?

Some Are Miffed the Cliff Tiff Not Diff

The headline above is how Variety, the Hollywood news magazine that uses its own insider lingo — what it calls “slanguage” — might describe what’s currently happening with the fiscal cliff.

Posted by Stan Collender

My column from today's Roll Call was drafted the day before the Obama 2011 budget was released yesterday and then quickly updated to include some key facts and make my deadline.  It's a view from 100,000 feet of what's ahead the rest of this year.  Much more to come.

Obama’s Budget Shows the Tensions Between Jobs and Deficit

Feb. 2, 2010

What did the president really mean last week when he turned to his left from the podium, looked straight at the Republicans, and stated, “That’s how budgeting works”?

Posted by Stan Collender

Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker (R-TN) once said that the first budget proposed by President Reagan was a "riverboat gamble."  My "Fiscal Fitness" column from today's Roll Call explains why this year's debate may more approprately be compared to Texas Hold 'em.

Posted by Stan Collender

Here's my column from today's Roll Call.

What The Federal Budget Did on Its Summer Vacation

Sept. 8, 2009

The federal budget debate returned from its summer vacation this week to find that this year’s deficit will be a bit smaller, the longer-term deficit will be higher, reconciliation is a little more of an issue now than it was when Congress left town for the August recess, and some people are saying we need to start reducing the deficit immediately.

Posted by Stan Collender

Here's my column from today's Roll Call.

Let He Who Is Without National Debt Sin Cast the First Stone

A small part of me is glad that bond market vigilantes are focused on the federal budget, the deficit and the national debt. Not caring about the amount that the government is borrowing would make bond traders far too much like the mortgage market that was willing to look the other way as no-doc, ninja (no income, no job or assets) and payment-option adjustable rate mortgage loans helped lead to the economic problems that we’re suffering through today.

But most of the bond market’s concerns are remarkably misplaced or misstated, and they are clearly being hyped for political purposes. Those in Washington, D.C., who are using these concerns to attract attention are not just incorrect but almost laughably wrong. They are also at least partly to blame for what they are now so willing to blame on others.

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