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Charles Krauthammer

Posted by Stan Collender

The fact that his conclusion and headline are correct doesn't mean that there not enough wrong in this column by Charles Krauthammer in today's The Washington Post to put together a whole syllabus for a semester-long seminar rather than just a quick blog post.

For example, Krauthammer saying that the $1000 tax credit proposed by George McGovern 40 years ago is equivalent to the $1000 per average taxpayer impact of continuing the payroll tax reduction today makes no sense from any perspective.

And the idea that business will have any trouble dealing with a two-month extension when it's not a change from existing law and doesn't require than they make any changes from what they're already doing is nonsense.

But the most infuriating part of the column is Krauthammer's assertion that a two-month extension is bad for businesses.

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