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2012 State of the Union

Posted by Stan Collender

Last night' State of the Union Address almost certainly made deficit hawks very unhappy, extremely angry and, from a policy perspective, close to suicidal. After pushing hard for so long to make the deficit the issue, it was barely a footnote in the president's hour-plus address and wasn't missed that much.

It took less than an hour for the Committee for a Responsible Budget to send out a statement excoriating the White House for missing " opportunity to throw down the gauntlet to Congress on the debt and demand a large, bipartisan debt reduction plan this year."

If the speech is an indication, the administration has no interest in throwing gauntlets or anything else on the budget this year.

I was surprised. With Congress unwilling or unable to do much of anything on the budget, I had expected the White House to call for the House and Senate to deal with the budget and to offer to meet anytime, any place, etc. At the very least this would have put it in a good position to be critical when that didn't happen.

Posted by Stan Collender

851 pm: 

OK, let's get this show on the road. I'll be commenting on a variety of aspects of the speech but...wait for it...anything having to do with the budget, spending, taxes, deficits, and the debt. I know, that's a shock.

859 pm:

Just read an embargoed copy of the speech. No details per the embargo but I'm definitely looking forward to comparing how it sounds to how its how it reads.

909 pm:

A wonderful moment with Gabby Gifford. No doubt that will be the picture seens everywhere tomorrow.

910 pm:

Hard to argue with the majesty of the House chamber. No wonder the minority response isn't ever as well received.

914 pm:

Let it be noted that "An economy built to last" was said for the first time 4 minutes into the speech. Sounds like the tag line to an auto commercial.

916 pm:

The word wasn't used by "equality" just entered the conversation.

917 pm:

The president sounds angry and not professorial. That will play well with an electorate that sees the economy as an emotional issue.

920 pm:

"An economy built to last" for the second time.

925 pm:

Posted by Stan Collender

Just a quick note...Given that the State of the Union Address is the start of the release of the president's budget, I'm going to live-blog it tonight and comment on the budget aspects of the speech as they're revealed for all to hear.


Posted by Stan Collender

There are only a handful of times when my day job as a partner in a communications agency and being a federal budget guru come together. As my column from today's Roll Call shows, this is one of them.

Three Good Weeks Ahead for White House on Budget

By Stan Collender
Roll Call Contributing Writer
Jan. 24, 2012, Midnight

This year’s almost three-week period between tonight when President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address and Feb. 13 when the president’s fiscal 2013 budget is expected to be released will give the White House an enormous advantage in getting positive media coverage for what it proposes. It will also put Congressional Republicans on the defensive right from the start of this session of Congress.

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