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2012 election

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18 Nov 2012
Posted by Dan Rosenthal
Posted by Stan Collender
As I explain in my column from today's Roll Call, we're just as likely to go over the fiscal cliff after the election as we were before the votes were counted.
Election Day Did Little to Alter Equation
Last week’s election results did not change my opinion that we’re more likely to go over the fiscal cliff than to avoid it.
Yes, I heard the less defiant tone Speaker
Posted by Stan Collender

The day after Election Day is never a good time to do substantive analysis. The win seems bigger to those who won and those who lost usually are more despondent than the situation warrants.

That's the situation this morning: Democrats are crowing about permanent new demographic shifts in the electorate while the GOP is doing the standard soul searching by those who didn't accomplish what they had hoped.

As far as the federal budget is concerned, this will all change tomorrow when the caffeine induced highs and lows of the election are replaced with the realization that some very big fiscal cliff deadlines are now just seven weeks away.

Here's the situation:

1. At some point very soon -- probably around noon today eastern time -- the mood will change as the House GOP realizes that it is the last bastion when it comes to taxes and spending.

Posted by Stan Collender

There's no doubt in my mind that the election results mean that the budget debate just got much, much more difficult. If you were wondering/hoping/praying that a deal would be more likely after the election than it was before, you will be very disappointed.

Rosenthal Cartoon

04 Nov 2012
Posted by Dan Rosenthal

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