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As you travel from Wall Street to Pennsylvania Avenue, economic rationality stops and political rationality takes over just as you hit the Beltway. This site is your ticket across that gap, analyzing what makes political sense, what makes economic sense, and rarely what just makes sense.
Posted by Stan Collender

I know I'm beating a dead horse, but it's hard not to be impressed (or depressed, depending on your point of view) by the way earmarks and spending reductions are discussed in local communities.

Whenever the subject changes from the generic "earmarks" and the "need to reduce federal spending" to the specific dollars the locality either wants, likes, was expecting, is getting, etc., the discussion changes from how bad earmrks and overspending is to how wonderful the money is coming our way or how the decision will hurt this area.

Posted by Stan Collender

My Beautful and Talented Wife (The BTW) is one of the least political people you've ever met. She is also one of the best professional actors you'll ever have the privlege of seeing perform.

This is important because the conversation at dinner last night inevitably turned to the prime topic of the week: Was Hillary Clinton really shedding a tear or was she simply performing for political benefit?

Posted by Stan Collender

At least for now, Brad DeLong agrees with Alex Tabarrok that a fiscal stimulus package is not the right way to go.

Then again, neither Brad nor Alex are running for reelection.

Posted by Stan Collender
Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution s the first economist I've seen willing to say that a fiscal stimulus bill isn't worth the effort.
Posted by Stan Collender

A tax lobbyist friend told me yesterday that he's gone into the economic stimulus business.

In response to my inquiring look that begged for more information, he said that I'd be surprised how many industries and professions have tax reductions that they want in any economic stimulus package that is considered this year and are looking to him to come up with arguments that confirm they will, indeed, be stimulative.

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