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Dewey Beats Truman

09 Jan 2008
Posted by Stan Collender

If you're reading this blog there is a very strong chance that you have more than a passing interest in U.S. politics.  If you have a passing interest in U.S. politics, there's a good chance that you know about the classic picture of Harry S Truman holding up a copy of a newspaper with the now infamously wrong headline, "Dewey Beats

Question: Was last night's New Hapshire Democratic primary results the 21st century equivalent of Dewey Beats Truman?

Why An E-Budget?

09 Jan 2008
Posted by Stan Collender

OMB Director Jim Nussle announced today that the Bush fiscal 2009 budget, which will be submitted to Congress on February 4, will posted online and not provided in printed books to Congress, the media, and executive branch departments and agencies.  Here's the full Nussle statement.

Posted by Stan Collender

I grew up in New York City when the New York Sun had already merged with two other newspapers -- the World and the Telegram, and when the World Telegram and Sun was considered a very very good paper.

How sad that teh current incarnation, which once again is a stand alone paper, has become almost a parody on what a newspaper should be.

Posted by Stan Collender

My column on, "Budget Battles," is no more. 

Starting next Tuesday, January 15, I'll be writing a new column for Roll Call, the respected Capital Hill newspaper that is must-reading for the rest of DC, called "Fiscal Fitness."  This is a great opportunity for which I am very grateful.

Posted by Stan Collender

John Fund's well-written piece in the today's Wall Street Journal online about earmarks overstates the case and misses the point.

Yes, President Bush has the ability not to spend many of the earmarks Republican and Democrats listed in the report accompanying the omnibus spending bill he signed in December, but doing so is likely to cause him political harm rather than establish the positive legacy Fund thinks will occur.

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