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Yesterday's Most Important Shutdown-Ending Event Didn't Happen In Washington

03 Oct 2013
Posted by Stan Collender

All government shutdown-concerned eyes yesterday seemed to be on the two meetings that took place at the White House. Financial company CEOs met with the president in the morning and congressional leaders in the late afternoon.

But the real shutdown news was being made in Connecticut, where United Technologies announced that it would furlough 2000 workers each of the next two weeks if the shutdown continues.

The reason these nonfederal workers will stop being paid? Because the Defense Contract Management Agency is closed and its inspectors aren't available to review the Black Hawk helicopters the company is making for the Pentagon.

If they happen, the layoffs will occur in Stratford, Connecticut; West Palm Beach, Florida, and Troy, Alabama.

This is exactly the kind of news that will rapidly change the politics of the shutdown and make it easier/mandatory for a member of Congress who so far has supported the shutdown or refused to admit defeat to insist the government be reopened.

Troy is represented by Republican Martha Roby. Let's see how long it takes for her to change this video about the shutdown that's on the front page of her official congressional website. 

Maybe Rinse Priebus will

Maybe Rinse Priebus will offer to pay to keep that open.

Sorry, but the teabaggers

Sorry, but the teabaggers don't really care about anybody but their own voice. I don't think that a few jobs in alabama are going to matter.

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