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CSPAN For 3rd Week A Row This Sunday Talking Fiscal Cliff

20 Dec 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

I'm flattered: CSPAN has just asked me to be on Washington Journal for the third Sunday in a row.

745-845 am EST. Talking about...what else?...the fiscal cliff.

With this much air time on CSPAN I should probably think about running for Congress.


Hey Stan,
Time to get more coffee or get more sleep. "...3rd week in a Rom..." Ha...we still love you anyway. Keep up the good work.

Budget Wonk Needed

Run for it.

Congress could certainly use a budget wonk to explain budgets to the clowns currently in office. OTOH, they appear to need more help than any one person can deliver.


How much tax on the top 5% is enough? We have a spending problem not a tax problem.Look at Detroit.....population down 1m people and the remaining workers with big pensions.

Fiscal Cliff Discussions Should Include State Cliffs

Thank you for your insights ths AM on WJ. However, I am concerned that discussions regarding the fiscal cliff are discussed in a vacuum, excluding the fiscal distress many states are presently experiencing.
I live in Illinois, and the state is in a slow motion train wreck. The state's largest problem appears to be state and local government employee pensions, which are consuming a larger and larger share of public revenues. And because of the symbiosis between state and local politicians and government employee unions, it appears the private sector will be destroyed to the extent needed to pay off what I call "the new aristocracy" of state and local government employees.
California appears to be undergoing the same problem, but at least there local goernment units are seeking bankruptcy protection.
Apparently, more revenue is needed at all levels, but no one is considering what impact additional federal taxation to bolster Medicare and SS will have when states like Illinois will certainly also increase revenue demands to support "the new aistocracy." A holistic approach is needed.

Run for Congress??

You'd fit right in. But a better perch for you would be the White House. No one there can tell the truth about the origin of "the sequester," either. Check Bob Woodward's attribution as documented here on Politico.

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