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Federal Spending Is VERY Popular: Episode 5: There's No Majority For Cutting Almost Anything

04 Sep 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

Question 6 of this latest poll from Ipsos Public Affairs tells you all you need to know: No matter which political party the respondents identify with, there's no majority for cutting any of the major areas of federal spending among these registered voters. In fact, there wasn't even a majority for cutting the generic "other."

Q.6. As you may know, the US federal budget has a significant deficit. Here are the main view, which of the following areas can we afford to cut back on? (Select all that apply)

All voters/Democrats/Republicans/Independents

                            Social Security 9%/6%/13%/6%
                            Medicare 10%/5%/16%/11%
                            Defense & the Military 35%/49%/22%/38%
                            Education 12%/6%/205/14%
                            Alternative energy development 31%/16%/49%/24%24%
                            Law enforcement 9%/9%/9%/12%
                            Other 28%/23%/36%25%
                            None 16%/19%/13%/19%


The point is that folks get

The point is that folks get addicted to free money from the feds just like the get addicted to crack, smack and other things they should not be doing or getting so wipe the smirk off your face!

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