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Federal Spending Is VERY Popular. Episode 2: Paul Ryan Is A Hypocrite

20 Aug 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

How do you oppose the stimulus bill but demand that some of the money you didn't ant the government to spend be spent in your district? As Michael Grunwald explains over at Swampland, just ask House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Over at Economists View, Mark Thoma has much more about what Ryan did to push the spending for his constituents.

As I've said, federal spending is very popular even among those who supposedly are most interested in reducing the amount the government spends.

If anyone has an example of a member of Congress who told someone is the district or state that she or he couldn't support the project or grant they wanted because they were against federal spending, please let me know.

Federal Spending

As far as I can tell the GOP criteria for whether or not spending should be cut is:

1) It occurs in a Democratic district
2) It goes to a voting block unlikely to vote for Republicans
3) It is appropriated spending instead of spending through the tax code. The latter can only be cut in the context of tax reform, not spending policy.

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