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Gordon Adams: Paul Ryan And A Real Military Budget Don't Mix

10 Apr 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

CG&G alum Gordon Adams had a good piece published in Time magazine's Battleland Blog ("Where military intelligence is not a contradiction in terms") about the phony debate on military spending House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) tried to create with his budget resolution.

As Gordon points out, according to Ryan, falling Pentagon spending by any measure -- real, nominal, imaginary, whatever -- is always a bad thing. Never mind what the generals who run the military say and pay no mind to the strategy behind the numbers or the threat for which the U.S. is preparing. Apparently, we're all going to hell and the country is doomed if DOD has less to spend.


I've always been amused at the ability of congressional Republicans to take what the generals and admirals say as gospel when it confirms what the GOP wants to do but to do what Ryan did -- dismiss it out of hand -- when those same military leaders say something different than what they want to have said.

In the now closer-to-four-than-three decades I've been involved with the federal budget in some way, it has never ceased to amaze me that congressional Republicans are able to detect waste, fraud, abuse and overspending from a mile away when it involves a domestic program but are completely deaf, dumb and blind to the same thing when it involves the Pentagon. Why is it, for example, that an extra sandwich in a school lunch program is waste while an extra missile that will never be used and wasn't requested by DOD is vital to national security?

You're surprised? They are

You're surprised? They are also selective in what they hear from all the other "infallible" sources they claim to be following. The bible says homosexuality is bad, that's why I'm against gay marriage. The bible also says to help the poor, Jesus specifically but why listen to that. Reagan said taxes should be cut - that's why I'm for lower taxes. Reagan let taxes rise as part of an overall tax reform bill that increased spending on Social Security - don't remember that. Eisenhower kicked all the illegal Mexican immigrants out of the country - we should do that. Eisenhower kept the top tax bracket at 90% and used the money for massive infrastructure building - I don't know what you mean. Bob Dole is an American hero injured in WWII - we need a strong military so he didn't sacrifice in vain. Bob Dole supported a health care mandate and an overall health care scheme very similar to Obama care - he was old and senile by then. Abraham Lincoln in his second inaugural address evoked the fact that we are a Christian nation - that's why I think there should be more god in the public square. Lincoln also sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers to kill southern rednecks who believed in black inferiority, but I can't talk about that - that's my base.

Well said

Money Matt - your comment is well - "on the money." :) I've noticed the same thing with Republicans. Their contradictions and hypocrisy are astounding and have no limits.

Nevermind the "extra" part

"Why is it, for example, that an extra sandwich in a school lunch program is waste"

Nevermind the "extra" part - in the modern GOP, *any* sandwiches in a school lunch program are wastefraudandabuse...

You're talking about the

You're talking about the party that claims a tax cut that will "return a surplus to the taxpayer" and "starve the beast of revenue" will also increase revenue. Facts and reality do not matter to the GOP.

Why is it, for example, that

Why is it, for example, that an extra sandwich in a school lunch program is waste while an extra missile that will never be used and wasn't requested by DOD is vital to national security?

This is an excellent blog, but the one thing I find mistifying is the continued repeated expressions of surprise that republicans are not behaving consistently.

NEWS FLASH! The republican party is built wholly on an electoral foundation of lying to people who are greedy racist misogynist delusional christian white authoritarians who passionately hate black americans, hispanic americans, jews, muslims, foreigners, academics, coastal elites, hollywood, New York, San Francisco, the poor, and non-submissive women.

These people think of themselves as REAL AMERICANS, and think that anything the govt spends money on that they perceive as benefiting them is great, and anything that the govt spends money on that benefits anyone else, they perceive as wastefraudabuse.

Anything that gives these sad losers a hard-on is electoral gold for the GOP. So gigantic phallic missiles that can be used to threaten and then blow up tons of muslim foreigners = TOTALLY AWESOME; sticking it to sluts and black americans = TOTALLY AWESOME; sandwiches for poor kids in school = TERRIBLE.

There is absolutely nothing inconsistent, hypocritical, or mistifying about the various positions the GOP takes if you correctly understand their electoral base. If you keep deluding yourself that these people are attempting to govern the country with policies that they think "make sense" in terms of benefiting its citizens as a whole, then everything they say and do is incomprehensible.

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