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Update On Kasich And Federal Tornado Aid: Maybe It's Not Such A Bad Idea After All

06 Mar 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich, who at one time was chairman of the House Budget Committee in Washington and a young GOP gun long before House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) or current budget committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) were old enough to vote, yesterday changed his mind and decided that federal disaster assistance for those in his state hit by the recent tornadoes wasn't such a bad idea after all.

As I posted yesterday, Kasich's initial decision was to say hell no (Anyone who knows Kasich knows that could easily have been a direct quote).


Institutions such as FEMA are there for a reason. They help people and the local economy recover quickly to get back to productive endeavors.

The Governor may wish we lived in a "Your on your OWNership" society but we do not. People do not and cannot self-insure against these catastrophic events. The most efficient way to insure is a government insurance program called FEMA.

Some things don't work well in Market economies and disaster relief is one of them.

Dreams versus Reality

It's all well and good to get in front of a conservative crowd and talk big about cutting aid to those "freeloaders", otherwise known as brown folks, black folks, and sleazy women that want insurance coverage for birth control. However, when a tornado drops out of the sky and takes everything one has in this world, a politician cannot say " I have my principals; you'll just have to suffer".

Perhaps the other side should point out the hypocrisy of these people. There is nothing religous or god fearing about turning your back on those in need.

tornado relief

People have sex in their houses. If my tax dollars are being spent on rebuilding their houses, then I'm basically paying for them to have sex.

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