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Psst...Tea Party is Just Like Everyone Else...Pass it Around

17 Feb 2011
Posted by Stan Collender

Bruce and I have been going on and on about how the polls show that voters want the deficit reduced but, with the exception of foreign aid, don't want to cut spending or increase taxes to get there. We've all been assuming that tea party supporters are different. After all, its self-appointed leaders continuously say that they want spending cut, period.

But it may not be true, at least for self-identified tea party types in South Dakota. As this poll from the DakotaPoll shows, tea partiers don't much support specific spending cuts either. And forget about waste, fraud, and abuse. When asked if they would support spending cuts to a local military base if it was deemed to be unnecessary, 71 percent said no.

The link to the is above, but the results are so counter to what we're being told that I'm reproducing the whole story below.


February 14th, 2011

Results from a new Dakota Poll of registered South Dakota voters who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters, reveals a group that is heavily Republican, but far more pragmatic and less anti-government or anti-tax than recent mainstream media portrayals have indicated.

By an overwhelming majority of 73%, poll respondents favored “imposing an extra one cent sales tax during the tourist season” as a means of balancing the state budget. Only 17% favored “cutting state aid to public schools and nursing homes.” On a similar question, respondents were asked if they favored or opposed an income tax increase of 5% “for everyone whose income is over a million dollars a year.”  By a split of 56% to 39%, respondents favored the increase for millionaires.

Between February 1-3, The Dakota Poll surveyed 400 registered voters in South Dakota who identified themselves as Tea Party supporters. Despite national headlines suggesting that Tea Party supporters favor heavy cuts in federal spending to reduce the deficit and balance the federal budget, South Dakota Tea Partiers show a clear hesitancy when it comes to cutting any federal programs which might effect their own lives.

As a group, Tea Party supporters tend to be older males, and supporters are clustered disproportionately West River. 43% of South Dakota Tea Party supporters are on Social Security.

–83% said they would prefer to “leave alone” or “increase” Social Security.
–78% opposed cuts to Medicare prescription drug coverage, and 79% opposed cuts in Medicare coverage for physicians and hospitals.
–61% would support leaving federal food program funding alone or increasing it.
57% of South Dakota Tea Party supporters have a family connection to the military. 11% of Tea Party families have a family member dependent on the Veterans Administration.
–96% would support “leaving alone” or “increasing” funding for veterans benefits.
–79% oppose cuts to military spending. 71% would oppose closing Ellsworth Air Force Base, even if a bipartisan base-closing commission made the recommendation.

The single area of federal policy where Tea Party supporters show a willingness to reduce spending is FARM POLICY.  48% say they would support eliminating or reducing “federal farm payments…” and 47% say they would support eliminating or reducing subsidies for ethanol.

On a series of social and cultural questions, Tea Party supporters show distinct conservative values:

–64% believe that “illegal aliens are taking jobs away from South Dakotans.
–57% believe that Congress should investigate President Obama’s citizenship.
–63% believe that “The 2nd Amendment gives private groups the right to form militias to hold government accountable.
–48% believe “the earth is 6,000 years old as calculated by Biblical scholars.”

55% of Tea Party supporters attend church at least once a week. But on a cluster of questions regarding the relationship between religion and government, respondents showed an overwhelming interest in keeping the two separate. 87% agreed with the statement “Government should stay completely away from anything that favors one religion over another.” And 70% opposed the statement “Candidates for public office should be required by law to declare their religious preference so voters can make an informed choice.”

By a margin of 65% to 25%, Tea Party supporters disagreed with the statement “The Constitution gives corporations the right to spend unlimited amounts of money in elections.”

When it comes to cutting

When it comes to cutting specific programs or raising specific taxes, these guys are truly to the left of Obama--great find!

"43% of South Dakota Tea

"43% of South Dakota Tea Party supporters are on Social Security."

This is all one needs to know - these astroturf hypocrites need to STFU and let the grown-ups talk, as they're clearly not mature enough to have any responsibility. I'm sure they were all out protesting about "GUBMINT HEALTHCARE IS SOCIALISM" in between Medicare-paid trips to the doctor too...

Old news

People on the left have been pointing out that tea partyers are just rebranded conservatives since the get-go. Previous polls have shown that self-identified TPers' beliefs almost perfectly coincide with those of Republicans - including all the old culture war nonsense.

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