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The Daily Show Deserves A Peabody Award For This

15 Aug 2010
Posted by Stan Collender

As Andrew and I have both noted before (here, here, and here, for example), The Daily Show and Jon Stewart are often so on the money that it's hard not to laugh and cry at the same time.  Take a look at this clip from last Wednesday: 

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Note to all who want to tear my limbs off for using this admitedly anti-Republican clip: Find me something that does a similar job on Democrats on fiscal issues and I'll post it as well


Actually It's Anti-Stupid

In my opinion, this Jon Stewart clip isn't so much anti-Republican as it is anti-stupidity. Too many of the right's talking points on the deficit ring hollow, especially after the Republican controlled Congresses spending sprees of the past two decades. Fortunately there are still some journalists, like Mr Stewart, who are willing to call B.S. on their positions.

Sad that Stewart -- on a

Sad that Stewart -- on a COMEDY channel -- is the most significant journalist still on television.

Mission Accomplished

If anyone wants to tear your limbs off for conveying truth, then you've probably done something right.

Republicans & Spending

If the Republicans (most of them incumbents, party insiders, or millionaire faux populists) take over the Senate and the House, what will the Tea Partiers do when they realize that the GOP is still going to spend, spend, spend - just on different stuff.

I hope the president hammers home the message this year and 2012 that these clowns have been dragging their feet on every piece of legislation, only to go home and hand out big stimulus checks that they voted against.

I guess if you know your constituents don't remember the Clinton years or can't do the math, then you don't need to worry.

And Newt Gingrich, a supposed 2012 front-runner, has told us last week not only do we need to be more like Saudi Arabia and restrict religious freedom, but that we need to be more like China as well.

I'm only 25 years old, so I have another 50 years on me I figure. While the nation's tax codes and fiscal policies create a new aristocracy that hordes cash and shifts the tax burden to payroll and the middle class, maybe I can look forward to a new generation of Paris Hilton's and accompanying reality shows to entertain us in our Obamavilles.

Republicans & Spending

"...what will the Tea Partiers do when they realize that the GOP is still going to spend, spend, spend - just on different stuff."

They will do NOTHING! The Tea Party is just a creation of Fox News. If the GOP takes over Congress, the deficit issue will just fade away until the Democrats are back in control again.

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