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Where Are The Leaks About The 2011 Budget?

31 Jan 2010
Posted by Stan Collender

This -- the day before the president's budget will be released -- is usually the day when The Washington Post and New York Times all have major stories with "leaks" about what the administration will propose.  It's also the day when at least one of the White House's lead economic spokespeople go on one or more of the Sunday talk shows to discuss the budget.

But all I can find today is this story on page 24 of the front section of the Times (yes, I still look at the print edition), which really isn't a leak with new information as much as it is reading between the lines of everything else that has been reported or guessed the past few days.

There's also this by White House Communication's Director Dan Pfeiffer on the White House blog that details some of the program cuts.

I suppose I should be grateful.  After all, I've been able to devote my Sunday to laundry and other things instead of budget analysis.  On the other hand, it's going to make tomorrow even more difficult than usual.

Are these cuts new?

It would be interesting to compare the new list of cuts with the various cuts proposed by Bush. I am fairly sure evrything Pfeiffer's blog post appeared at least once on the previous administration's cut list.

Even Obama doesn't trust the MSM

Cutting some programs has to happens, but no matter what Obama wants to cut, it will be unpopular. Getting the press involved is just a recipe for failure at this point. They don't do analysis, only hysterics.

budget leaks

I was astounded that none of the hundreds (thousands?) of civil servants working on the budget leaked the information on the 1.4% pay raise. This is a good sign that they understand their responsibility not to leak anything in the budget until the President releases it. Congrats to them!

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