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Alternative Energy Investments and Conservation At Risk From Declining Prices

29 Oct 2008
Posted by Pete Davis

If you check back in the last paragraph of my June 3 post, I warned that alternative energy investments and conservation would be at risk if we allowed oil prices to decline too far. I suggested a tax to keep oil prices at the equivalent of $80 a barrel.  That seemed like fantasy back then, when crude oil prices were hovering around $125 per barrel.  Now that they have dropped to $62 per barrel yesterday, fantasy has become reality.

Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post made the same point in an op-ed today that we should add one cent per gallon to the 18.4 cent federal motor fuel excise tax per month for the next 48 months to preserve energy saving behavior and investment.  He rightfully suggested offsetting that tax increase with other tax cuts to keep from damaging the economy.  Unfortunately, I doubt Congress or the president will take on the unpopular task of movng us toward energy independence by keeping oil prices high despite all the campaign rhetoric to the contrary.

Just to hammer home the point, a friend recently told me of a neighbor with three kids in college who bought each an SUV last week to take advantage of fire sale prices on the SUV's and of lower oil prices.  This behavior will just set us up for the next energy price spike in a few years time.

Price of gas doesn't matter to the rich

The neighbor can afford to pay tuition, room & board and fees for 3 kids, all in college at the same time, AND buy 3 brand new cars?

The price of gas is irrelevant. He's either wealthy or stupid (if he took on debt to make the purchases).

that is stupid what is

that is stupid what is happening with the fuel and all. i think that te government is getting to money hungry. i aalso think that if oboma becomes president the world will end

Sorry to ruin Mom's Day

Following up on discussion several threads ago, four stylistic tests point to Bill Ayers having had a hand in writing 'Dreams From My Father':

"Using the chi-square statistic," observes one professor, "Obama's and Ayers's books were indistinguishable, while Obama's book was easily distinguishable from books by other authors."

Writes another analyst, using his own proprietary software, "There is a strong likelihood that the author of "Fugitive Days" ghost-wrote "Dreams From My Father" using recordings of dialog (either tape recorded or notes). Alternatively, another scenario could be possible: Ayers might have served as a 'book doctor.'"

One systems engineer writes, "The statistical style analysis performed by our research team suggests that the writing style of 'Dreams From My Father' is significantly more similar to the style observed in 'Fugitive Days' than to the style found in other works by Barack Obama such as 'Audacity of Hope.'"

He continues, "Even more interesting, when we extract those sections of 'Dreams From My Father' that Dr. Cashill believes to be Ayers' writing and treat this as a unique document, the style analysis software identifies a stronger correlation between this sample and Ayers' 'Fugitive Days' than we see between this same sample and the remainder of 'Dreams From My Father'! Thus we have reason to believe that 'Dreams From My Father' had at least two authors, and one author's measured style features more closely match those of Ayers than they match those of the other author(s)."

"Under the Q-value statistic," argues one university-based analyst who tested "Dreams" against Ayers' 2001 memoir, "Fugitive Days," "segments of 'Dreams' consistently compared as well with 'Fugitive' segments as it did with other segments of 'Dreams' itself. In contrast, 'Dreams' compared poorly with other documents."

Haven't ruined my day

Obama is way ahead here. My Congresswoman, "I'm a Fool for Jesus" Michele, is on the ropes. It's all good.

So Obama is brought down by the "chi squared statistic" and "Q-value statistic"?

Well, damn. You've got me there. So many authors have been outed by the chi squared statistic . . . I lost count on that one a long time ago.

The Republican strategy at this point wreaks of utter desperation.

Keep at it though, maybe you'll change a couple of votes.

I seem to remember...

Someone here demanding evidence that Obama didn't write 'Dreams'. Now, you've got it.

Do you have any evidence he did write it, yet?

If you have conclusive proof

that Obama didn't write the book then you should call the mainstream media and get this revelation printed everywhere.

Oh, they aren't buying it?


Too busy

'that Obama didn't write the book then you should call the mainstream media and get this revelation printed everywhere.'

They've not finished investigating Sarah Palin's shoes.

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