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House health reform votes to occur Saturday.

17 Mar 2010
Posted by Pete Davis

A top House Democratic staffer just told me the reconciliation bill, with some surprises, and a tentative CBO score will be posted on the House Rules web site late tonight or early tomorrow morning.  Then a final CBO score will be posted Friday.  The Rules Committee will meet Friday to mark up the rule.  Then the House will vote on the rule Saturday, engage in perhaps four hours of debate, and, later Saturday, take the final vote on the reconciliation bill, which will deem the passage of the Senate bill. 

House Democratic leaders appear increasingly confident of passage following Rep. Dennis Kucinich's (D-OH) decision today to vote for the bill. On November 7, 2009, he was one of 39 Democrats who voted against the House health reform bill, H.R.3962. Kucinich's statement explaining his upcoming vote details his anguish that the only bill before him is so flawed.  

Fox interview with the President on Health Care Reform

I like this Brett Baier, but the interview revealed how profoundly disrespectful Fox and Roger Ailes is, not only to President Obama, our president, but how abusive they are to the truth, to balance, to fairness, in the pursuit of their own crazed agenda.

Fox is lowering the standards of decency.

about time

I was wondering which senator it was that decided to vote for the bill that gave the Dems the confidence to go for this vote. I'm really excited about the thought of Medical Insurance for more Americans. I know why Dennis Kucinich was holding out. It was a very difficult compromise and, obviously, not everyone got what they wanted or needed. I do believe that these were steps in the right direction.

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