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Rosenthal Cartoon

02 Feb 2013
Posted by Dan Rosenthal

Dumb cartoon.

You have to be pretty ignorant of how the Capitol works to think that "tinkering" with filibuster rules is some kind of distraction from bigger problems. It's the filibuster that prevents any serious work from getting done up there. Fix it, and the place can get down to business.





Except that "tinkering" is

Except that "tinkering" is not what was needed to allow a reasonable legislative process, and tinkering is all that was done. Right off the bat, Senate Republicans are threatening to block the appointment (again) of the CFPB head unless the CFPB is neutered. That's what you get from tinkering. Tinkering deserves a good mock.

If a cartoon doesn't convey the entire logic of what needed to be done and where filibusters fit in the scheme of DC politics, well, it is just a cartoon.

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