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Google Reader

31 Oct 2011
Posted by Bruce Bartlett

Google has completely destroyed its RSS Reader. Suggestions for alternatives are appreciated. Non-Mac only. 

Feedly has a nice mobile app,

Feedly has a nice mobile app, and imports GReader feeds. I haven't used the browser apps as much though.

Can't believe they did this

Can't believe they did this to us. I too will be looking for a replacement.

My eyes hurt

That stark whiteness is painful on the eyes. I want a way to roll back one release - I liked the lists showing the entry titles, but not the starkness...

Suggestions? Just one - roll-back.

Enjoy your posts - the RSS

Enjoy your posts - the RSS reader is running for me just fine, albeit with a new interface. The same interface has been popping up in other Google apps for me including gmail, google docs, calendar, igoogle, etc. I'm guessing it's just all part of a new interface roll out.

Please describe your problem

It's working fine for me.


Until Steve Jobs death I hadn't thought about the lack of style in Google products. Now it's becoming more and more painful.


It's working just fine. It's just that the improvements suck. I am now giving FeedDemon a try. So far, I like it. 

Google reader

On the other hand, Google does have a good sense of humor. This is the Halloween ghost reader. The unspooked one will be back tomorrow.

Total Disaster

A greasemonkey script probably could have fixed the design, but the social features have been castrated. :(


I'm sure my eyes will get used to the stark white layout, but Google took away "share" and "comment" views.

Yeah, I was fine with them

Yeah, I was fine with them integrating into g+ more (I actually like g+), but not with a loss of features. If "share" added it to my g+ stream, and "comment" put the comments on g+, that would have been acceptable to me. Instead, those features are simply gone. Idiots.

Work in Progress

It's very likely that those features you mention will be added at some point in the future. Knowing something about how Google works, I expect it to happen, and I can't tell you when.

If it's a problem, by all means look for something else. It's free, after all, and worth every penny.

just noticed the atrocity myself

i just had to give up my yahoo mail account for similar reasons..

How to share/comment

I now realized that you can actually share on g+ (and then comment on it) if you first +1 a post. Then, hover over the +1 button and it gives you the option to add a note and share it to your g+ stream. I wish it were a little more obvious that this is how you have to do it, but now that I see that feature is integrated I will grumblingly accept the changes.

Feed Demom

I've been using Feed Demon for several years. Works perfect and easy to read and organize. No brainer in my opinion.

Not sure what the issue is --

Not sure what the issue is -- I don't see a whole lot of change, other than the design (which admittedly could use some work).

I haven't tried any of the social/sharing features -- are the new features any better or worse than the old ones?

Completely destroyed is a bit

Completely destroyed is a bit dramatic, isn't it? It barely looks any different than its previous version. You sound like those people that get hysterical about Facebook moving a button.


I've been using NewsBlur. Unique among RSS readers that I've found, you can view either the feed or original pages using NewsBlur. It works with either a OPML import, or you can import your Google Reader feeds. I think it might solve the style problem without necessarily changing anything fundamental

google reader fix

Here is a way to configure Reader to be much better (although still not as good as it used to be)

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