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Deficit Commission Co-Chairs Announced

16 Feb 2010
Posted by Bruce Bartlett

Jackie Calmes is reporting that former Senator Alan Simpson, Republican of Wyoming, and Erskine Bowles, a Democrat from North Carolina who served as Bill Clinon's chief of staff, among other positions, will co-chair the deficit commission that Barack Obama will create by executive order following failure of a congressional commission to get sufficient votes in the Senate after several Republican cosponsors of the measure voted against it.

The GOP unlikely to cooperate

Looks like GOP may elect not to name anyone to the commission. See link below. Then, without any Congressional appointed Republicans on the commission, they will claim the the commission is a farce and that it was called solely to raise taxes. Finally, the American people will dpo what they always do - agree - and reward the obstructionists at the ballot box.

I hope Simpson is still as

I hope Simpson is still as "energetic" as I remember him being, because my recollection is that he didn't have much patience with posturing bull**itters (not that he never produced any of his own), a desirable trait in a co-chair for this commission.

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