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Meanwhile, in New Hampshire

25 Apr 2011
Posted by Andrew Samwick

The Rockefeller Center conducted its fourth annual State of the State Poll among registered voters in New Hamsphire, with eye toward the first-in-the-nation primary early next year.  The headline result: Mitt Romney tops Obama in a head-to-head contest, 47-39, with the rest undecided.  Interestingly, the poll also finds that Colin Powell would win, 48-28.  No other Republican candidate gets a plurality matched up with the President.  Read the full results here.


Mitt Romney and *Colin Powell*? Apparently the people of New Hampshire don't have long memories.

Colin Powell is most noted for lying America into a counterproductive, pointless, catastrophic invasion and occupation. Mitt Romney is best known for not having any identifiable policy views.


I believe Donald Trump is winning in national polls.
He's cleaning up with that critical birth certificate issue.

Trump/Bachmann 2012

Pass the popcorn.

I'd love to see a solid moderate Republican candidate

I'd probably go for Mitt Romney or Colin Powell over Obama, despite being generally a Democrat (like much of America, I'm fairly disgusted with both parties, and feel more like an Independent now). What I definitely don't want is a repeat of the one party domination we've seen under both Bush (Iraq, huge tax cut favoring the wealthy, while growing spending) or Obama (kind of like Where's Waldo in terms of visible leadership, PPACA, suboptimal economic and foreign affairs leadership). So I do hope for a decent Republican, so that there's some chance of someone I'd like to vote for, rather than the lesser of two evils. With so much money flowing to Republicans (another reason for PPACA being a huge mistake), we can be certain that it will be truly UGLY.

Where would you find a

Where would you find a moderate Republican? in a museum somewhere? All we have are libertarian extremists, survivalists, Christian businessmen and the most committed confidence men.

Mitt Romney - give me a break

This man should not be considered a serious candidate. Not Quite A Budget Wonk must not remember the last GOP president who campaigned on a moderate platform with the touchy-feely "compassionate conservatism" message.

Romney's recent opinion piece where he stated Obama's presidency was "one of the biggest peacetime spending binges in American history" shows how out of touch this flip-flopper is.

I know the nation's attention span is short, but I have not forgotten his other "peacetime" remarks during the last campaign. When asked why none of his sons were in the military serving in a war supported, the response was a cynical, "they're serving their country by helping me get elected."

And do we need to beat the dead horse about his Massachusetts healthcare plan again?

Enjoy your beltway horse race and let me know when you find a serious candidate.

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