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The August Employment Report

03 Sep 2010
Posted by Andrew Samwick

The latest from the BLS on the employment situation is more of the same.  There was essentially no net job growth -- a decline of 54,000 consisting of a fall in government employment as Census workers finished up that was not quite offset by a rise in private sector employment.  The official unemployment rate went from 9.5 to 9.6 percent and the broadest measure of labor underutilization (U-6) went from 16.5 to 16.7 percent.  There is nothing in here that merits joy.  Expect the spinmeisters to focus on the rise in private sector employment (up 763,000 since the low in December 2009) and the upward revisions (to smaller job losses) from the two prior months.


If the unemployment rate keeps rising, do you think it is possible for the united states to be in a position as it was in the 30's.I feel that Obama being president, he has not done much due to him promising too much to the american people. yet he says he will fight unemployment the rates of it just keeps increasing.


Its out of Obama's hands right now. maybe the 35% of stimulus that hasnt been spent can help.

Companies are hiring more temporary workers. Like it or not the people who I speak to whether they are small business owners or larger ceo's they all think now that Obama is Anti-Business

Obama needs to change that perception and get his point across in a clear and concise manner if he has one

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