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About Capital Gains and Games

Economic rationality often stops and political rationality takes over just as you reach the Capital Beltway. Capital Gains and Games is the bridge between Wall Street to Capitol Hill, explaining what makes political rather than economic sense and, sometimes, what makes no sense at all.

CG&G provides top, fact-based economic, financial, and political analysis; describes insiders' thinking; explains the always-confusing federal budget process, and typically is way ahead of the mainstream media. There are plenty of projections, estimates, and predictions, and enough sarcasm to keep you coming back for more even when what’s happening on federal taxes and spending, the deficit, and government borrowing is anything but amusing.

Capital Gains and Games reflects the personal opinions and insights of Stan CollenderDan Rosenthal, and Troy K. Schneider. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any organization with which these individuals are affiliated.

About Stan Collender

Stan Collender is a former New Yorker who, after getting a graduate degree in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley, moved to Washington to get it out of his system. That was 35 years ago.

Collender is an acknowledged expert on the federal budget and congressional budget process and the author of The Guide to the Federal Budget, which was published for 19 consective years from 1982 to 2000 and was one of the most-assigned text on the topic.  He is one of a very limited number of people who has worked on the staffs of the House and Senate Budget Committees and founded and edited Federal Budget Report, a newsletter that was published for almost two decades.  For 11 years he wrote a weekly column (“Budget Battles) for  For the past three years he has written “Fiscal Fitness” for Roll CallHe is currently a partner at Qorvis MSLGROUP, where he spends most of his time working with financial services clients.  Stan is also a much sought-after speaker to business and other groups on federal taxes and spending, appears often on television and radio, and is frequently quoted in major print publications.  

About Dan Rosenthal

Dan Rosenthal is an editorial cartoonist and ad agency creative director – having won top creative prizes all over the world – including first-place Clios, Andys, London Internationals, New York "One Show" Awards, the Hollywood TV Festivals, and several Best Of Show Addy Awards in Washington.

Before forming his own company, he earned an AAF certificate in marketing from Harvard University and became listed in Dossier Magazine’s “The Mighty 500” and Forbes Magazine’s “Top 100 Creative People in the Country.”

Recipient of the Washington Advertising Club Silver Medal in 2003, Dan served on the boards of Second Genesis, an organization providing drug and alcohol addiction therapy and Express Link Up, which works to bring computers into hospitals for sick children. He lives in Washington, DC.

About Troy K. Schneider

Troy K. Schneider is the Editor-in-Chief of FCW, a print and digital publication covering the business of federal technology. Before joining FCW, he was Director of Media and Technology at the New America Foundation, and prior to that was Managing Director for Electronic Publishing at the Atlantic Media Company, where he oversaw the online operations of The Atlantic Monthly, National Journal, The Hotline and The Almanac of American Politics, among other publications.

The founding editor of, Mr. Schneider also helped launch the trailblazing political site in the mid-1990s, and worked on the earliest online efforts of the Los Angeles Times and Newsday. He began his career in print journalism, and has written for a wide range of publications, including The New York Times,, Slate, Politico, Governing, CongressDaily, Tikkun, Regardie's Power and many of the other titles listed above. With Capital Gains and Games, however, his role is that of publisher and occasional editor.

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